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Advising the Community on PIP claims

Horizon LAC Team
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The Clinic will assist clients at various stages of their PIP claim, and these will include information on eligibility, claims and the appeals process. We will advise clients on their legal position and the options available to them. This will involve dealing with all PIP related issues from filling in PIP claim form to appealing decisions against the Department for Work and Pensions.

**Note to clients: although it is not a requirement, when making an appointment with the clinic, we would be grateful if you could let us know within which of the 4 stages below your PIP issue falls.

Stage 1: Eligibility

  • Client screening and appointment slot booked
  • Interview conducted by two Volunteer Advisers (VA’s), supervised by CP Solicitor – aim: gather information
  • Advice Letter drafted by VA’s and CP – final check by Arvin Narendra before sending to client

Stage 2: The Claim

  • Start claim by completing PIP1 form
  • Fill in ‘PIP Claim Form’ received within 2 weeks from DWP – undertaken by VA’s and CP, final check by Arvin Narendra
  • Prepare client for compulsory face-to-face assessment

Stage 3: Appeal to DWP

  • Challenge DWP decision by submitting a Mandatory Reconsideration letter.
  • VA’s will draft the letter which will then be reviewed by solicitors, followed by the supervisor for legal accuracy.

Stage 4: Appeal to Tribunal

If the DWP does not alter its initial PIP decision, then client can appeal to:

  • First Tier Tribunal through completion of an Appeal Form; and thereafter
  • Upper Tribunal

Volunteering Adviser will then draft relevant documentation which is reviewed by participating solicitors. This is followed by a final check for legal accuracy by the Clinic’s supervisor.