Horizon Legal Advice Clinic

Advising the Community on PIP claims

Horizon LAC Team
0203 6376 781

How the Clinic works

How the clinic works

It will operate an appointment only service. You can reserve your slot through the ‘Request Appointment’ page or by emailing us at info@horizon-lac.co.uk

Following an individual’s first contact with us, we will obtain initial information from them about their case in order to gain an initial understanding of their matter.

We will also ask individuals to bring all relevant documentation with them to their meeting/ appointment slot.

Interview stage

No legal advice will be given at the time of the interview – the aim is to merely ascertain the facts of their legal issue. The interview itself will be conducted by one or two Volunteer Advisers and will at all times be under the supervision of a qualified practising solicitor.

All communication between the client and their advisers will be in the strictest confidence, and their file will be securely stored in line with Data Protection requirements.

After the interview

Volunteer Advisers and a solicitor will review the case thoroughly. Once the necessary legal research has been undertaken, a Legal Advice letter is created within 2 weeks of the interview, which will include the possible options available to the client.

This advice letter will then be posted to the member of the public and/or sent as an encrypted email attachment.